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Cordless Drill Ice Auger Adapter

This eskimo Ice Auger Adapter for cordless drill Ice fishing is for the time when you need to chop Ice but being able to only use your hand-powered drill is not possible, with this Adapter you can use your or equivalent to turn your hand drill into a cordless drill. This Adapter also works with the Ice Auger device from eskimo.

Cordless Drill Auger

The cordless drill Auger is a straightforward to operate and lightweight tool that can help you chop and drill through Ice or other rock, the Auger can be attached to the cord by a clothes line, cable, or wi-fi connection. It comes with an Ice fishing guide to help you avoid damage, this is a new accessory for your drill that lets you use power from the drill’s power cable as an auger. The Ice Auger baggie allows you to subscribe to current power going into the drill at a certain rate, and then use the Auger to drill into Ice to melts and ponders, the Auger is uncomplicated to adopt and is designed to save time and hassle through Ice and snow. This product is a converter to power Auger for drill, it is fabricated of heavy-duty materials and it will help you to reduce the battery life on your drill. This Auger is compatible with all cordless drills, and you can use it to beads with other tools in the drill, this Auger is furthermore comfortable for you to use, because it is wooden. Are you wanting for a cordless drill that can handle your Ice fishing needs? Look no more than the cordless drill Adapter for Ice fishing, this product fits 38 and 12 drill machines and helps to increase your efficiency by mopping up Ice faster than ever before.