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Portable Drill Press For Cordless Drill

The 1318 Portable drill guide is unequaled For cordless drills, allowing you to focus on your work, the multi-angle drill guide features an 1318 rating, making it field-able. It’s also mad dog-proofed with a durable hard case.

Cordless Drill Press Attachment

The 1318 Portable drill guide is an outstanding addition to your 1318 drill press, it grants two angles to help you guide your drill to the correct location while you are working with the tool. The guide also imparts a built-in stop that keeps the drill while you are working with it, this 1318 Portable drill guide is multi-angle and will attach to a variety of surfaces, including books, to make sure your drill is hitting the mark. This is a Portable drill Press that comes with an 8-angleangle drill guide and attachment For most 38 inch cordless drill models, it is again attachment For the makita lmt-36 lmt-38 and lmt-42 the 1318 Portable drill guide is valuable For cordless drillers. It extends two-piece construction and a multi-angle drill guide, the guide is additionally rotationally stable, making it facile to use. It is furthermore durable and fits most drill presses.